Xerosis or dry skin may be attributable to many causes such as excessive bathing. The needed oils of the skin can be washed off leaving dryness. The function of pores is to produce oils that lubricate the skin.

Dry Skin (Xerosis)

Xerosis has many presentations. Some do not itch. Priuritus is dry skin that itches and scales and is an inflammatory condition.

Eczema is dry, red, itchy, painful, patchy, fissured, cracked skin. As the skin dries, it fissures, and the incidence of infection increases which can form an ascending redness or cellulitis.

Some Causes of Xerosis

  • Using an sensitizing or harsh soap
  • Bathing for too long or too often
  • Direct contact with chemical agents
  • Environmental factors such as air pollutants, cold, and dry air

Treatment of Xerosis

Reversing the effect of dryness is done by stopping exposure to the cause of xerosis. Adding creams to the skin prevents evaporation of the water from the pores of the skin and increase elasticity of the tissues. Apply after bathing and if necessary repeat 2-3 times a day. Oils added to baths help but are not as effective as emollient treatment.

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