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Increasing numbers of patients travel internationally (as well as from other states) for foot surgery. We have developed a treatment plan that makes the process a simple one. In addition, during their recovery, patients can enjoy the excellent weather and sights in the Los Angeles area.

Send us an e-mail briefly outlining your particular problem.

You will then be requested to e-mail digital photographs and digitized x-rays of your feet. The photographs should be taken while you are standing with both feet on the ground with your weight distributed equally. The photograph should be taken with as much close-up as possible. The A-P and lateral x-rays should be taken of both feet with full weight-bearing. The A-P x-ray should be taken 15 degrees off the vertical. (The x-ray technician will understand how to accomplish this.) You can get foot x-rays at any hospital or x-ray facility. They do not necessarily need to be read by a radiologist. If the technician can provide you with a digitized copy of the x-rays, then e-mail them to us. If you cannot get a digitized copy, then photograph the x-rays in the following manner: place the x-rays in the x-ray viewbox. Adjust your digital camera so that the flash is disabled. If you have a camera tripod, use it. If not, holding your digital camera firmly again a chair or similar solid object, take a photograph of each individual x-ray. Use as much close-up as available in your camera.

Upon receipt of your written description, photographs and x-rays, we will assess the material and make a diagnosis. This will not be an exact diagnosis, but a close estimate. Based upon that information, the fee for the entire surgical procedure can be provided. This will include the surgical costs, surgical facility cost (hospital or surgicenter), anesthesia, x-rays, pre-operative testing and evaluation and follow-up.

Using both e-mail and/or telephone calls, we will schedule your surgery. The office consultation and pre-operative evaluation will be scheduled on the day before your surgery. Plan on arriving in Los Angeles at least two days before the scheduled day of surgery.

For a bunionectomy, you will need to stay in the Los Angeles area for a minimum of two weeks. If needed, follow-up can be coordinated in your city of residence.

See time line for more details.

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