Cracked Heel

Cracked heel photo

This photograph shows some small skin fissures at the back of the heel.

Cracked or fissured heels is a frequent problem found around the rim of the heel in women more than men. The cracks may be superficial or deep involving many layers of the skin. The skin on the soles of the foot and palms of the hands has a 5th layer which is one layer more than the rest of the body. This layer is called the Stratum Lucidum. This is a layer to add density to protect the palms and soles. In severe conditions, the cracked areas of skin may bleed. Cracked heels are mostly present during dry winter months. Diabetes, obesity, poorly fitting shoes and decreased sweating can cause this problem.

This problem can betreated by superficial debridement of the hyperkeratosis or callous followed by the use of prescription strength 40% Urea creams. It is also important to use correctly fitting shoes.

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