Patient Testimonials

"I had my foot surgery in April 2003, and am very happy with the results. Dr. Kaye came highly recommended by my daughter Sheila (who was very pleased) and also by my family doctor. Once my surgery was completed, Dr. Kaye added the personal touch by calling me at home to monitor my progress."

     Christine Bingham, Los Angeles

"It's been about ten years since Dr. Kaye removed bunions on both of my feet. Prior to my surgery, I heard the horror stories of how painful this surgery can be. Understandably, I had some fear going in. However, I can honestly say that my surgery went extremely well -- and my recuperation was a breeze. I experienced very little pain! Dr. Kaye is an excellent and caring doctor, and his staff is kind and professional. I recommend him so highly, that ten years later, I suggested my mother Christine see him for her foot surgery."

     Sheila Bingham, Los Angeles

"Until I met Dr. Kaye, every step I took was a painful experience. After several failed foot operations (including bone grafting), I was finally referred to him. He suggested joint implants. Dr. Kaye has given me back my dancing feet! For this, and much more, I will always be grateful to him. Dr. Kaye is an incredible doctor and I am forever thankful that he was there for me."

     Bette O'Banion, Los Angeles

"Over a six year period I developed bunions and began having less and less mobility in my big toe. The discomfort prevented me from wearing hardly any of my shoes. (Discomfort would be an understatement!) I visited a few podiatrists and exchanged e-mail with several others, getting as many recommendations for treatment as doctors I spoke with. Eventually I came across Dr. Kaye's website. What a blessing! I was able to get a complete education on my exact condition. After speaking with, and eventually having a consultation with Dr. Kaye, I was convinced that his recommendation was correct for me--bunionectomies with implants for both feet.

I am now seven weeks post surgery and about 90% back to normal. I walked unassisted out of the hospital after my surgery. I am wearing shoes I haven't been able to wear for over a year. Best of all, my treatment has been virtually pain free. An occasional Aleve (and nothing stronger) was all that I ever took for very mild discomfort and swelling.

If your feet hurt, take Dr. Kaye's recommendations. You'll be glad you did!"

    Andrew Mattingly, Tustin, CA

"Before I arrived in Dr. Kaye's office, I had major foot problems that I've been suffering with since birth. The last couple of years or so they have gotten much worse. Since my first visit to his office, he and his staff have made me feel very comfortable. My surgery was a total success. I'm very happy and satisfied with my new feet. I can't stop looking at them. Thanks so much!"

     Cheryl Cobbs, Los Angeles

"As a Registered Nurse at Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital for over twenty years, I know that foot surgery can be painful. However, the joint replacement surgery for my bunion was surprisingly easy and pain-free. I was back on my feet before I could believe it. The care and attention both before and after my surgery was great. Dr. Kaye, you are an amazingly talented foot surgeon!"

     Mary Jo Darling, R.N., Westchester (Los Angeles)

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