Maggot Therapy


Maggot Day 1

Day 1:  Diabetic ulcer beneath the left 5th metatarsal head. 2 mm maggots are applied to the wound, which are barely noticeable in this photograph.


Maggot Day 3A

Day 3:  Maggots have grown to about 3 to 4 mm., and are actively "eating" only the dead, necrotic, infected tissue, but leaving the healthy red granulation tissue and skin untouched.


Maggot Day 3B

Day 3:  Close-up of the same wound. Notice how the maggots stay within the wound. The central part of the wound contains the greatest amount of maggots, because it is the most infected part. There is a large amount of healthy red granulation tissue present.


Maggot Day 7

Day 7:  After a second application of maggots have been removed, a healthier and cleaner ulcer is present. Additional treatment will be needed to close the ulcer. The maggots have cleaned the wound and eliminated the dead tissue within the wound. Once the wound is clean, it will begin to heal.

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